Friday, September 24, 2010

Fix It Friday

It's another Fix it Friday from I looked forward to these every Friday. This was not a picture taken by me but from a woman whose husband was just recently deployed. I've been complaining how hard it's been here with my husband only gone for 2 weeks and every day I think about our military families and think how hard it must be for them. I can't even imagine. They truly are heroes in every sense of the word.


Done with a little seventies action applied:

And then the BW option:

Go check out some other edits, think about trying it yourself!


  1. Great job on both edits! I tried to do b&w also, but my b&w actually didn't look so hot!
    Thanks for your input on my edit! These are so much fun! :D
    I'm on facebook if you'd like to connect :