Saturday, October 29, 2011

52 Week Challenge; Shadows

On my third week of my 52 week challange, the theme I was trying to follow was shadows. I usually LOVE doing shadow pictures; but its funny how when I'm forced to do something, I can't think of anything. Anyway I had two pictures I debated on but my daughter said I should use this one so this is the one I'll post. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

mQn Photography Giving Back

I’m so honored to have been selected as an official Tiny Sparrow Affiliate Photographer. I came across Tiny Sparrow from a special friend of mine. I’ve been so blessed to have her in my life. I’m stealing this quote from her because it really sums up who she is and why I’m honored to know her “I slept and dreamt life was joy, I awake and saw life was service, I acted, and behold, service was JOY”

For those who do not know the Tiny Sparrow Foundation is a non-profit foundation that provides professional photography, free of charge, to families of children with life threatening illnesses. These photos will provide the families with the gift of precious memories. Photographers donate their time and talent by taking beautiful pictures of children who are facing life threatening illness. The photographs are then put into a 10x10 coffee table album so they can share it with their friends and family. Tiny Sparrow creates the album soon after the session takes place as many participating families spend a lot of time in the hospital and they enjoy sharing the album. The photos become a little ray of sunshine in their darker days. Families are also provided with a CD of photos which includes full copyright prints).

Consider making a donation to the Tiny Sparrow Foundation. Visit their website so they can continue to dedicate lasting memories through the beautiful art of photography.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quattrin Family Sneak Peeks; Fort Wayne, IN

Can I just say taking my own family portraits each year just keeps getting more and more frustrating. I think because I have these ideas in my head of what I want and I just can't accomplish them with a remote or my husband. That's right my husband can't take a picture to save his life. I'm not even expecting him to have great composition I can fix that in Photoshop but seriously, why can't he focus? What I get from him when I ask him to take a picture of me and the kids is about 10 blurry pictures (well the background is in focus). He just hits the shutter and keeps it going for about 10 frames, thinking something will turn up. (um not if you don't focus first!) That's not something that can be fixed! If he or I had any patience then I'd really sit down with him and show him how the camera works and more importantly how to focus (hold down the button until it beeps, its real hard you know). But what he says is "I know I know, press the button, how hard can it be?" Apparently pretty hard! Anyway here is a sneak peek of what I did manage to get of our family pictures this year:
Quattrin tags 2

Quattrin tags 1

Monday, October 24, 2011

Chaille Family Sneak Peeks; Fort Wayne, IN

I'm so excited for my first family in Indiana to trust me with their family photos this year. Here are some sneak peeks to hold you over until the rest are done.
Chaille Sneak Peeks 1
Chaille sneak peeks 2

Let Them be Little--I heart faces

The theme this week over at I heart faces ( is let them be little and I thought of a few pictures, like my son with his first wiggly tooth or my daughter crying but I wanted to post someone really little so I went back to my last newborn session. Oh this sweet little thing only sleep for a bit and was wide eyed the rest of the session. She wanted to know what was going on. I snapped this of mom soothing baby and it really makes me think how they really don't stay little for very long. Lets cherish these moments!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

52 Week Challenge; True Beauty

Here is my second week of the 52 week challenge (that I've started late). This week's theme is True Beauty. Of course I'm biased because I think my kids are truly beautiful on the inside as well as out but since I used T last week I figured I would use K this week. She loved being my model but I think I like it best when she's not posing and just waiting. Here's to True Beauty, may the inside shine through and make the outside sparkle for those around to see.

True Beauty

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tickled Pink--I heart Faces

This week over at I heart faces ( is the theme Tickled Pink. This time a year we see pink everywhere in support of breast cancer awareness month. All year long I think about the mothers, the sisters, the daughters, the wives, the friends that are lost to this devastating disease. Visit if you'd like to learn more and help. Lets win this fight.

On a more beautiful pink note; I'd like to share this pink image:Tickled Pink

Please visit I heart Faces to see other images and hear how others have been affected by breast cancer.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

52 Week Challenge; Architecture

So I need something to get me out of this funk I've been in and I thought, you know what why not a 52 week challenge. I don't want to wait until January 1 so I'm just going to this now; a 52 week challenge starting now. Once a week, I'll find a theme and post that weeks picture. I think I can do once a week. After the 365 challenge, I'm still a little burned out with the every day themes. So anyway here is my first week (most people are probably on week 40) Architecture:Halloween Mini 031

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hands--I heart faces

This week over at I heart faces ( is the theme hands. Since this week doesn't have to show a face I figured I would pick one that didn't include one.


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