Monday, September 27, 2010


Well this week at is the theme chalk. Unfortunately I don't have any clever fantastic chalk images and with this rain not sure I'll go out and try for any right now but I've put it on my idea list because I still have how many more days of my 365 project? Anyway I did find this one and though its not fabulous I do like the way her little tongue sticks out while she's drawing with her chalk.

Now go see some fantastic images at


  1. Love her little tongue poking out in concentration.

  2. Love the composition of this. She is working very hard! :)

  3. Her tongue is the cutest! So adorable :)

  4. Love the tongue! Is that a chalk holder? That is such a nifty little contraption!

  5. This is when I wish I still had little kids.

    This is so cute.

    Have a great week. xxx