Monday, December 12, 2011

Furry Faces--I Heart Faces

This week over at my favorite website for all inspiration ( is the theme furry faces. Now I'm no pet photographer but I do love my dog Jack. He has been with us making our house a home and completing our family for 8 years. He drives me crazy and really Marley has nothing on Jack. I wish I could find the picture where he was literally sitting on top of the $500 dog house we bought him (pre-kids) before he actually ate it! He is one crazy dog and I know we still have lots of years left in him because he doesn't act a day over 2! If anyone ever tells you that labs calm down after 3 years is lying to you! They are full of good fun energy until their last days. Anyway I leave you with my favorite furry face; Jack.Furry Faces

I heart furry faces!


  1. Gorgeous shot! He is actually POSING for the photograph! LOVE it! :) And thanks for the Blog LOVE! ;)