Monday, January 31, 2011

Best January Face Photo

This week over at I heart faces ( is the theme best face photo of January. I just received my first backdrop from PhotoProp Floors-Backdrops so I set it up and got the kids ready for a little valentine mini shoot for their cards. My son had fun being a tough guy in his wife beater but I have to tell you for those who don't know my son, he is the sweetest boy you'd ever meet. He doesn't have a tough bone in his body so I just loved this face of his. Nice try Mr. T but we know you all to well!

Head on over to I heart faces and see the best faces of January. They are amazing!


  1. that look! too funny! Love the cap and tank and jeans combo. Super cute!

  2. Great capture - he looks like a mess!

  3. Sooo love this shot. You do great work.
    Hope you make it to the top 10 so I can vote for you.

  4. Hes a doll - my son is sweet too & loves to play tough guy in pictures. ;-)

  5. Your tough guy makes my heart go gooey. What a cute, funny little man!